Our Mission


The organization aims at alleviating the poverty, backwardness, and the miseries of people from Uttarakhand villages by providing financial help and impetus to the poor children in the area, to avail the advantages of formal Primary education and Vocational Training.

The basic idea behind the NGO is that education is a critical requisite and a primary weapon for the overall economic and social developments of an individual (and hence of society, along with a natural incentive for population control in India).

Education generates awareness of the rights and obligations of an individual towards him and the society, it creates self-confidence, self-respect, improves opportunities and quality of life in general. The exploitation of the youth is minimized or eliminated.

The whole project is to serve as a catalytic agent and an out-reach medium to transform the lives of the socio-economically backward and needy youth of UK villages; and also the young jobless children of i) the slum-dwellers, ii) the migrants, iii) the persons below the poverty line, iii) the homeless labors and iv) the land-less agricultural workers, by providing proper facilities and incentives. Renewed after every five years present form till November 2022. our mission 10,000 children below the age of 18th (till 12th class) over sys.