1Complete uniform in kulethi(including tie,sweater,shoes with shocks)2005
2desk and chair in kulethi2005
3library books2005
4computer in gps KULETHI2006
5Science  lab2008
6Complete uniform in GGUPS KHARKKARKI,DUNGRASETHI,GPSDUNGRASETHI,AND DHAKNA(including tie,sweater,shoes with shocks2008
7Liv 52, Almendzol2008
8Sports goods2008
9computer in gups kharkkarki, dungrasethi                          2008
10Adopted gps school dhakna badola, Kharkkarki2009
11organic,inorganic dustbin2009
12dress for dhakna badola,Kharkkarki2009
13Computer IN GUPS Kharkkarki2009
14Furniture for junior school dungrasethi, kharkkarki and kulethi2010
15Health check up for students2010
16One laptop and printer in cdlasrc kulethi2011
17P.A. system in cdlasrc kulethi2011
18Nakshatrya vatika concept for tree/medicinal plantation2012
19 Dell laptop2013
20net setter2013
21madical camp2013
22adopted gps school Champawat2014
023robitace workshop by Dr. atul pant2015
24adopted gps latoli and tyarkuda2015
25healthy vitamins,handwash,bags and notebook2015
26digital education in cdlasrc(tablate, laptop,projector,hard disk)2016
27digital education in all adopted school2016
28adopted ggic champawat,gic duvchoda                          2016

Impact of the efforts ::

1-The basic level of students was improved by volunteers appointed in schools by the organization, currently students from all adopted schools are doing well in every competition from other students.

2-The organization has given dress to the children, seeing that now the government is also giving school dress to the children.

3-Notebooks and books were also given to the children by the institution, seeing that now the government is now providing copy books to the children by the school.  Till date, A total of 4537 notebooks have been given to children.

4- A library is also given by Himwats. There are currently more than 3500 books, which are used by the public and children of Champawat for competitive examinations, as well as books were exchanged every month in all the adopted schools by the active library.

5- Trees were planted by the himwats under schools in the Nakshtr vatika which aims to protect the environment. Number of tree 180

6- A science lab was set up by Himwats in the Kulethi Campus, which has 120 experiments, which are being taken advantage of by all the students of the region, in which our volunteers make new items for children using the West Material and also daily use.  Doing is also being told.  Currently, we have uploaded video of the experiment and uploaded it to YouTube. Currently, 54 videos have been recorded in the channel by volunteers and children, and science workshops are conducted in all schools.  Due to which the children are participating in the science competition of the district and the Children Science Congress up to the state level.  The science related problems of children are solved in all schools by the volunteers appointed in CDLASRC and at the same time they are being taught science subjects through experimentation and digital by taking instruments of science experiment. 

7-Sports goods were also provided by the himwats to raise the students physical level, under which our children are also participating in the district ,state and national levels.( Carom boards, cricket bets, ring ball, rope jump, sports goods etc. have been given in the schools adopted by the organization ) NUMBER OF STUDENTS- B-259 D- 137, S- 49 

8-Medical camps are also organized by himwats from time to time ,in which patients are treated and given proper counseling by a team of doctors .Number of number of patients 750+

9-Himwats also provided medicines, toothbrushes, pastes, and education kits to the adopted school.

10- The institution started digital education in adopted schools from the year 2016, under which the institute has provided 54 tablets, 2 projectors, 5 laptops, 1 harddisk, as well as a dongle for internet.  All the schools have been given 5 -5 tablets in which our volunteers are teaching the children by downloading videos of subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, Hindi, etc.  In addition, a digital workshop is conducted in all schools by self-employed volunteers in cdlasrc, in which children, government teachers as well as their parents are being imparted knowledge of digital, parents are also fully supported by our volunteers. Number of education video 890

11- Digital and robotic information was given to volunteers by Dr. Atul pant from UK Robotics are being taught by self-employed volunteers at CDLASRC to teach children how to make cars from plastic bottles and toothbrushes, as well as to make animation videos..as well as a workshop was also organized, in which volunteers and students oarticipated. Presently our volunteers conduct robotic workshops in their own schools.

12-Education apps were taught through the workshop by Akash Balani and Govinda Dasu.  And how to increase digital education in schools, information was also given about many animations and videos.  Name of education web. (education.com,ncert.in,bodhaguru.com,  khanacademy ,etc..).

13- Furniture has also been provided by the organization to sit for children in GGUPS KULETHI, GGUPS DUNGRASERHI, GGUPS KHARKKARKI and GPS KULETHI GPS TYARKUDA, GPS DUNGRASETHI.