About us


Himalaya Water Service Tatha Vikas Avam Paryavaran Sanrakshan Samiti (HIMWATS) is a non-governmental organization working towards the development of Uttarakhand. HIMWATS is registered under the Indian Societies Act and has been allocated a Registration No: 758/ 1997-98 (renewal No 73/2004-2005, for five years) in Haldwani Office of Registration of Societies, Uttarakhand (UK), INDIA.
Uttarakhand is the newest state in the Indian Union and one of the most backward too. The majority of people living in the 15620 villages and in most of the 81 cities and urban locations in the 13 districts of the UK are inherently below the poverty line. The primary stable profession is Agriculture; with only cash earning profession being a small number of the youth in the national army. Most of the frustrated youth go away to the plains of India for the search of jobs and in the absence of any education due to poor parental monetary conditions, they land in the plains all over India, doing menial jobs in 

small hotels and restaurants – washing dishes and cooking food, etc.
Champawat is one of the poorest districts in the state. The Savidya Upasamiti of HIMWATS was started to help the children and youth of the UA hills through education and training using regular govt. schools and professional institutes and workshops.