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International Women’s Day 2024
C.D.L.A.S.R.C. Due to Shivratri holiday on March 8, International Women’s Day was organized in Kulethi a day earlier. The chief guest of the program was Sister Jyoti, Chief Director of Brahmakumari Ishwariya Vishwavidyalaya and the special guest was Dr. Rashmi Rawat, Principal of Nursing College. Village head Dada presided over the program. Bisht Shri Sunder Singh Negi and the program was conducted by social worker Rajendra Gahtodi. In the program, the chief guest Sister Jyoti talked about the rights of women and their actions and self-transformation to change the world. Also, the special guest Dr. Rashmi Rawat explained the usefulness of women in the society and inspired them to work for the society. On this occasion, Junior School teacher Mrs. Kavita Verma gave her full participation in welcoming the guests and conducting the competitions. Along with this, various competitions of women of the area like musical chair and spoon race were organized, in musical chair first Babita Negi, second Rita Rawat, third Champa Rawat and in spoon race first Champa Rawat, second Hira Bohra, third Rita Rawat. Received the position. Rural women and girl students had a special contribution in the program. Other people also participated in the program and gave their full support to the organization in making this day special. In the end, Mrs. Rashim Rawat and sister Jyoti expressed special gratitude to the organization for this event. .

Women securing first, second and third positions were honored by the organization. In this program, senior woman of the village, Mrs. Durga Rasyara, National Pvt. Kulethi’s P.A. National Pvt. Naveen Rasyara, S.A. of Junior School. Mrs. Kamini Verma, Naresh Joshi, Munni Adhikari, volunteer Prakash Punetha, Pankaj Bohra, Sapna Bhandari and various rural women were present.