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Savidya Education

Savidya Upasamiti was established as a branch of HIMWATS aiming towards providing quality education and healthcare to the under-privileged in Uttarakhand. For the past four years, we have been associated with the ASHA For Education Silicon Valley chapter. They have been the main contributor to our activities. A synopsis of major activities can be found at http://www.ashanet.org/projects/project-view.php?p=636. The major areas of our operation are as below :

Siddha Jagran Seva Samiti Program (SJSS)

The SJSS has been envisaged to create an awakening and interest in the local community about issues like education, health (esp. children’s health), behavior and attitudes (esp. of children), children’s rights, duties of the grown-ups, responsibilities for social justice and all-round development in the villages on micro-plan basis.

Quality education & Health care program through Adopt-A-School

Quality education is the right of every individual & we at Savidya have been continuously working towards this by giving support to government schools. To make the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan of the Indian government a success we try to fulfill the additional needs of the schools for making them a model schools. To complement & supplement the school condition indicators in Primary school.

Learning & Science Resource Center

Students have been doing rote learning in most of the schools (private or government) and this is worst in the case of Science & other subjects which need practical learning in addition to theoretical learning. But we believe in the “learning-by-doing” methodology of teaching and our Learning & Science Resource Center is a step towards it. The first center was started at Kulethi School, Champawat in May 2008. It was initiated with the help of Sikshya Sopan, an IIT Kanpur organization monitored by Dr. H C Verma.


Teacher Training

Teachers’ training is an essential part of our organization. The advertisement regarding the recruitment of teachers is given in the local newspapers. Candidates have to go through a written test & an interview by a committee consisting of retired principals, DIET members, etc. Although they have the requisite qualifications since they lack proper experience and exposure they had to go through training organized by HIMWATS. The training is conducted 2 to 3 times a year.

Vocational Training

The main idea of vocational training is that the students can develop an interest in some of the vocational fields. The other segments we are targeting are the youths who have some level of education and can be trained to earn their living. In the past we have conducted training in computer education, soft toys making, stitching & dress designing, etc. We are planning to talk to the local industry and ask for their advice & ideas regarding the training.

Free medical Health Camp Since 2005

The free medical health camp organized by Himalaya Water Service and Development and Environment Protection Committee (Himvats) in Government Primary School Kulethi campus was inaugurated by District Magistrate Shri Vineet Tomar. The program was conducted by Rajendra Gahatodi. Dr G B Bisht, Secretary of Himavats Sanstha said that in the camp, many other diseases including mental diseases, eye diseases, drug addicts, dental diseases have been kept in the camp. He said that arrangements for medicines have also been kept in the camp at the primary level. He said that the purpose of the camp is also to make people aware about health and cleanliness. The District Magistrate directed the doctors posted in the camp to provide best health facilities and advice to the people. He asked the people to make maximum use of the health camp. ACMO Dr Shweta Kharkwal, Prem Ballabh Bhatt, Secretary Himavts Sanstha G B Bisht, female doctor Dr Lovepreet and others were present in this program.

Girls Internship Program

During the month of January 2022, the organization launched an internship program to develop the skills of young girls in the community. It also aimed to provide them with financial aid that would then allow them to explore various educational and vocational opportunities. The program selects 10 girls who are currently enrolled in the Bachelor’s of Science programs at the Champawat Degree College and trains them to conduct science workshops with children. In the month of January 2022, a girl internship program was conducted. Once trained, the girls are grouped into pairs and allotted 15 villages wherein they conduct 30 workshops. The girls receive a renumeration of Rs 500 for each successful workshop and Rs 3000 as a scholarship to further support their educational journey.

Teaching Drone Technology

Teaching drone technology will inspire young minds. It’s remote video operation photography for police security, military targeting insensitive & accurate bombing of enemy fields, without any fear of human casualty.
Its use in agricultural fields is being promoted by the central govt. Other innovative Atal lab equipment in middle schools is a leap step forward.
I have seen through videos, in IAS/IPS interviews Atal lab & drone technology was being asked by the interviewers. This privilege/opportunity at their doorstep at Champawat schools is highly appreciated. Himwats is a pioneering organization all over India. Well done. The think tank
Dr (prof). H.D. Bisht
Dr. (Prof) P.B. Bisht
Prof. K.K.Pandey
& other eminent talented executives who are devoting their valuable time & energy for the upliftment of village schools at remote villages of Champawat Dist. Uttarakhand.

SADP (Science Aptitude Development Program)-

Under the three-day Science Aptitude Development Program (SADP) at the District Education and Training Institute, Lohaghat, cooperation was done towards the institution, in the workshop, 25 science teachers of the district were told interesting experiments of science as well as a workshop of astronomy was conducted. All Pics. Seeing it, Himvats organization is leading the children of the new generation towards a bright future by lighting the modern lamp of knowledge. According to the time, there is a great need of scientific education. Hearty congratulations and best wishes to them.

Science Workshop

Last month in December 2021, the organization supported a three-day experience based science workshop at Diet Lohaghat, as a result of which a science workshop of human body was organized today at Government Inter College, Baparu (Lohaghat) Champawat, as well as to the teachers of the institution. Was apprised of the activities, School Principal Shri Chand Prakash Gautam, Science Coordinator Barakote Shri Rajendra Gadkoti, teachers and students were present in the workshop.
Many congratulations and best wishes to the two child scientists of Champawat development block, Deepanshu Gaur, R.A.K. Dayratoli and Nirmala Mahar, R.A.M.V. Canura, for being selected for the Inspire Award Standard SLEPC. Congratulations to their family.

Environmental Awareness

Uttarakhand Himalayas as part of the Himalayan eco-system influences the climatic conditions of the whole country, from monsoon to river water, all are influenced by the Himalayas.
Indian region is one of the most distinct bio-geographical regions of the world. India is the seventh-largest country in the world and Asia’s largest country with a total area of 3029 million hectares. And with that, conservation of the Himalayan environment and eco-system is quite crucial and critical for the sub-continent. Landslides, earthquakes, hailstorms, etc. have always been a challenge for the people of Uttarakhand Himalayas. They need to be aware of these natural disasters and how to cope with them.
Champawat, Uttarakhand We, at HIMWATS, organize sessions for people where we talk about these disasters and ways to minimize the damages. We also educate the people about other environmental issues like deforestation, water conservation, etc. Magazines have been published and distributed free of cost.
Impact of the Himalayas on Climate
The Himalayas have a profound effect on the climate of the Indian subcontinent and the Tibetan plateau. They prevent frigid, dry Arctic winds blowing south into the subcontinent, which keeps South Asia much warmer than corresponding temperate regions in the other continents. It also forms a barrier for the monsoon winds, keeping them from traveling northwards, and causing heavy rainfall in the Terai region. The Himalayas are also believed to play an important part in the formation of Central Asian deserts such as the Taklamakan and Gobi deserts.
The mountain ranges also prevent western winter disturbances from Iran from traveling further, resulting in the snow in Kashmir and rainfall for parts of Punjab and northern India. Despite being a barrier to the cold northernly winter winds, the Brahmaputra valley receives part of the frigid winds, thus lowering the temperature in the northeast Indian states and Bangladesh.

Public Health

Under this, medical camps are organized in various regions of Uttarakhand. people are informed about the how to keep healthy & how the maintain their hygiene , how they prevent them selve from prevental disease, malaria ,typhoid , dehydration , hypertension , diarrhoeal disease ,goitre, geriatrician(old age releated) disease.
samiti organizes once a year health camp at cdlasrc kulethi . where genral cheakup, dental, eye ortho, patient seen & serious patient refer to near by dist hospital champawat . awereness about miss use of narcotic drug , alchol , & smoking is also tot.
Other Social developmental issues:
Our work is not just limited to the above areas. We also make people aware of the importance of health in their economic development, vocational education, education & healthcare of children. There is a special cell working towards spreading Ayurvedic Knowledge and awareness.
Healthcare, Standards, Policy and the thought
Many years back, the Government of Uttaranchal had taken an initiative to formulate a health and population policy to improve the health status of people of the state and to achieve the replacement level of fertility. To enable this, the state expressed to systematically address the health needs of the people in both hilly and plain areas. To do this, it addressed a state-specific policy along with an appropriate implementation strategy and operational plans. He was closely working with two crucial nodes, i.e. Government & the beneficiaries to justify and improve their effort in this regard.

People are informed about how to keep healthy & how they maintain hygiene, how they can prevent themselves by from pre-venture. Malaria, Thyroid, Diabetes, Hypertension, Dental care, Genetic (old age-related) discuss. Samiti organization once a year health camp at CDLASRC kulethi where general checkups, dental, eye, ortho, redialnic, etc seen & surimi of referred to dist. hospital.

Siddha Jagran Seva Samiti Program (SJSS)

Siddha Jagran Seva Samiti Program (SJSS), the SJSS has been envisaged to create an awakening and interest in the local community about issues like education, health (esp. children’s health), behavior and attitudes (esp. of children), children’s rights, duties of the grown-ups, responsibilities for social justice and all-round development in the villages on micro-plan basis.
It is organized under three wings:

  1. Children’s Wing:
    It consists of its member’s children of age from 6 to 16 years. It advocates the interest of children. In Children’s rights the emphasis has to be laid on: i) The right to an identity (child’s birth date registration, and birth certificate; girl-child’s feticide checking, immunizations, health care and providing nutritional food ) ii) Safety during family living environment, female health and hygiene, driving and smoking/drinking ills in society) iii) Development ( Govt. schools, games & sports and entertainment material for all, including handicapped children) and iv) Participation ( Parents Teachers Students meet, Family decisions, village/school developmental efforts, environmental concerns, etc)
  2. Youth Wing:
    It includes Parents and Guardians and other youth from the region interested in the aims of the SJSS. This wing includes the Foundation For Excellence (FFE) awardees in the areas of their respective Chapters. The group is to advocates the development and monitoring of the schools and other active problems in the villages.Additionally, they are supposed to look after the healthcare requirement of children & adults. The availability of hospitals for the citizens is essential. The youth wing will be the main participant for highlighting the concerns of the citizens and local residents to the authorities associated with the solution of the problems encountered in the region by the public.Similarly, SJSS contributes towards the proper functioning of the schools in the locality. They try to get other NGOs involved in the programs conducted in the local schools. The youths are also encouraged to coordinate with the School Development and Monitoring Committees (SDMC) and help in the proper & efficient functioning of the schools. This wing should motivate women/ guardians/community to own the schools to take an active role in SDMC and SJSS, as they are the key stakeholders in the Process of Development. Parents do want education for children. But whenever circumstances go beyond their control they are forced to withdraw their children from schools. SJSS should create solutions to their problems. SJSS is expected to find individual /group solutions.
  3. Grandparents Wing:
    It looks after the pressing problems of the local society which need vocal expression and sound advice to the younger generation for maintaining tradition and culture.
  • Birth and Population Control: The Grand Parents’ wing will take part in this activity by solid advice to fertile couples. Corruption in Govt and other Offices /Individuals: It is well known that corruption is a big factor for hindering the development of society in India. The backward areas are more prone to it. Sincere efforts have to be done to root out corrupt practices in society. All the wings will participate in this activity.
  • Behavior and attitudes of citizens e.g. towards, child marriages, dowry, Population Control, (PW and GPW) Dowry System elimination: Every year there are thousands of wives beaten to death, burned alive, electrocuted, poisoned, pushed out windows, or otherwise killed horrifically. The incidence is less in hills but women abuse has to be totally eliminated from society which thrives on women labor in hills. (esp. of child marriages ill effects.), The youth and grandparents’ wing will be active in it.
  • Awareness in the Society and Elimination of Corruption in society at administrative and political levels. Sincere efforts have to be done to root out corrupt practices in society. Ills in a society like driving with smoking/drinking, bribery, environmental concerns, transparency in dealings, difficulties of the general public at local, district, state, or union level, participation in Governance, family feuds can only be eradicated with proper counseling & awareness. The various programs made for the people like Girls being given Rs 25000/ after Intermediate examinations, Veer C S Gadhwali Travel self-employment scheme, Chara Bank, Gas Cylinder schemes for women, pension for widows, old-age pension, etc. are available for the general citizen and this wings aims at helping them in getting what they deserve.
    Discriminations of any form to be avoided: Language, race, creed, color, ancestry, nationality of origin, physical/mental disability, veteran status, culture, economic position, educational background, religious belongings, source of income, sex, marital status, and sexual orientation should not be regarded as a source of discrimination as per training received in the schools.

Social Empowerment

A nation can’t progress unless its women are educated & empowered. As it is evident, rural women of Uttarakhand, often known as Paharan are known for their courage, perseverance, and hard work.
They are socially and politically active and are striving to improve their lives. But they still face many problems and need more guidance and encouragement from government and non-government agencies to empower themselves.
We at HIMWATS, strongly believe in this and have been consistently working towards achieving it. Women are educated about their rights at home & the society.
Uttarakhand Scenario
The Uttarakhand has almost the same economic and geographical problems as in the Kashmir valley or in the North East Region of India. However, due to the inherent backwardness of the people, things are not evident to outsiders. In any case, the creation of Uttarakhand state, as the 27th state of the Indian Union on Nov 9, 2000, was a result of the neglect of the region by the large state of Uttar Pradesh, India, politically. Economically, till today, it has not brought much change in the region. It is expected that Education is the panacea for all the evils in the region.